Dream People are a new band from Lisbon, Portugal. They are Francisco Taveira (voice), Nuno Ribeiro (guitar), Bernardo Sampaio (guitar), João Garcia (bass) and Diogo Teixeira de Abreu (drums). Their music reflects the lives of five young men coming of age in a beautiful yet poor country. A country where being a musician is an act of courage or perhaps madness. Yet, Since 2019, Dream People have been building their personal sonic space in the Portuguese music scene. Beginning with Soft Violence, their debut EP, the quintet presents us with a unique balance between synthetic atmospheres - resemblant of some variations of dream pop - and melancholic shoegaze. It was considered one of the best Portuguese records of 2020 (Mindies) and took the band to many emblematic stages, such as Vodafone Paredes de Coura Festival (Sobe à Vila). If Soft Violence presents a band with a lot to say but still in a search for their identity, in Almost Young - the band’s second record (March 2021) - we find a more mature group. A group that is now comfortable singing about personal issues and that believes that authenticity is where the depth of one’s work lies. A group that does not renounce to paint reality as it is, complex, intricate, beautiful yet sometimes painful. That is their purpose. They are dreamers in search of reality.
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